DevOps Enterprise Coach ™(DEC)

DevOps Enterprise Coach ™(DEC)

2020-07-10 Certification DEC DevOps 0

DEC Course Introduction


DevOps Enterprise Coach ™(DEC)


DevOps Enterprise Coach is a high-level certification developed by DAOPS Foundation and administered by DevOps Institute for people who are practicing DevOps in their enterprise. This certification covers all the capacities you need in introducing and practicing DevOps at an enterprise level including: Organization Structure and Culture, Lean & Agile, Application Architecture Design, Continuous Delivery, Test and Automation, Technology Operation, DevSecOps, Measurement, Transformation and Improvement. The purpose of the certification and its associated course is to cultivate coaches for enterprises to accelerate DevOps transformation.Every enterprise which is transforming to DevOps should have a team formed by  DevOps Enterprise Coaches.  

Eligibility for Examination

Although there are no formal prerequisites for the exam, it is recommended that candidates complete at least 24 contact hours (instruction and labs) as part of a formal, approved training course delivered by DAOPS Foundation or accredited education partner.

Examination Administration

The DevOps Enterprise Coach examination is managed and administered under the strict protocols and standards of DevOps Institute.

Level of Difficulty

The DevOps Enterprise Coach certification uses the Bloom Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in the construction of both the content and the examination.

  • The DevOps Enterprise Coach exam contains Bloom 1 questions that test learners’ knowledge of DevOps concepts and practices
  • The exam also contains Bloom 2 questions that test learners’ comprehension of these concepts and practices in context
  • The exam also contains Bloom 3 questions that test learners’ ability to apply these concepts and practices in practical situations
  • The exam also contains Bloom 4 questions that test learners’ ability to analyze these practical situations
  • The exam also contains Bloom 5 questions that test learners’ ability to synthesize these concepts and practices for particular situations.

Format of the Examination

Candidates must achieve a passing score to gain the DevOps Enterprise Coach Certificate.


Type50 multiple choice questions


90 minutes


It is recommended that candidates complete the DevOps Enterprise Coach course from an accredited DevOps Institute Education Partner



Open Book


Passing Score



Online or invigilated in person


DevOps Enterprise Coach Certified

Certificate example

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to DevOps

  • DevOps origin and understanding

  • DevOps optimization goals

  • Ten Strategies of DevOps

  1. Organizational structure and culture

  • DevOps organizational structure

  • DevOps culture

  1. Lean and agile

  • Lean and agile foundation

  • Agile R&D model: Scrum, XP, Value Stream Map, Lean Kanban, etc.

  • Demand activities: user stories and work stories, demand splitting, demand estimation, demand planning and release, demand architecture, etc.

  • Agile across teams

  1. Application architecture design

  • Microservice architecture

  • Application scalability design

  • Application scalability design

  • Application Usability Design

  • Application Observability Design

  • Apply high-performance design

  1. Continuous delivery

  • Value stream: work items, submissions, features, integrated releases, process automation, etc.

  • Entity: version control, product management, environment, application configuration, data changes, etc.

  • Processing: build, deploy, etc.

  1. Testing and automation

    1. Test design method

    2. Test Strategies

    3. Code quality management

    4. Automated functional testing

    5. Performance Testing

    6. Test data management

    7. Test infrastructure

    8. Hybrid engineering

  2. Technical operation

  • Monitoring and early warning management

  • Configuration, incident and change management

  • Capacity and cost management

  • High availability management

  • Business continuity management

  1. DevSecOps

  • Security Organization and Tools

  • Security requirements and design

  • Safe development

  • Safety test

  • Safe deployment

  • Safe operation and maintenance

  1. measure

  • Metrics

  • Measurement report

  • Measurement system improvement

  1. Transformation and continuous improvement

  • Transformation method

  • Transformation path

  • Systems and tools

  • keep improve

Duration of training

   3 days


Introduction of other sponsors

1.DAOPS Foundation

  • logo
  • Introduction

DAOPS FOUNDATION is a global non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a new generation of software engineering, hoping to improve the software engineering capabilities of global IT companies through standardization and artificial intelligence technologies. The foundation is headquartered in Singapore, with Alan Shimel, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jeff Liu and other industry experts as board members.

2.DevOps Institute

  • Logo
  • Introduction

DevOps Institute is the world’s leading DevOps certification training institution. Students and partners cover major countries around the world. DevOps Institute advocates the construction of a continuous learning community. Based on the concept of T-type and E-type talents, it trains DevOps talents for enterprises.

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