About us

It is the era of digital technology.

  • We have to become a software-driven car company. (Herbert Diess , Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group)
  • Our Goal Is To Make All Companies A Software Technology Company. (Satya Nadella , Microsoft CEO)
  • Alibaba will always be a technology-driven digital economy that makes business different and creates a new business track. (Yong Zhang, Alibaba Group CEO)

Software is eating the world. The IT technology is changing the world, such as AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cloud Native,Financial Technology, Agile and DevOps etc. We think a global organization which is focus on promoting digital technology in the world is very necessary.

DAOPS Foundation was founded in 2018. Its headquarters is in Singapore and branches are in US and UK.The mission of DAOPS Foundation is committing to accelerating global digital transformation through technical standardization.DAOPS Foundation want to create technical standards related to digital technology in open source way. Every enterprise and every person could use the standards for reference, so that they could practice digital technology more quickly and avoid detours in the transformation. 
DAOPS means Digitization, AI, Openness , Practicability, Security. 
Digitization, Serving the digital transformation of global enterprises. 
AI, Transform IT productivity through artificial intelligence. 
Openness, Develop technical standards like open source software. 
Practicability, Every standard is for practicing. 

Security, Security is the cornerstone. 

And DAO (道) is the supreme wisdom in the east. DAOPS Foundation hope to converge the culture and knowledge from all over the world and empower all enterprise with digital technology.