Low-Code Automated Software Testing Drives DevOps

The DevOps world has quietly turned its focus to solving an essential challenge: enabling software teams to innovate quickly while meeting high customer expectations for quality. 

How Low-CodeOps Can Transform DevOps

Over the past year, enterprise adoption of low-code software development platforms surged across the world economy as COVID-19’s economic consequences drove an unprecedented number of digital initiatives. 

Languages and DevOps: To The Cloud!

Cloud and DevOps are almost a match made in heaven. Cloud started truly gaining steam in the age of DevOps and Agile, and has adapted – or grown up in it – well, depending on your viewpoint. If not for the combined issues of data gravity and data (im)mobility, we might have gone even farther than we did into the cloudy world.

App Testing Must Evolve Within the DevOps Pipeline

As the practice of DevOps evolves, so do the supporting tasks; hopefully in such a way that they introduce increased efficiency and automation to accelerate development and deployment pipelines. However, one specific process still remains a speed bump on the road to DevOps acceleration: the process—or, more specifically, the chore—of testing.

The snags holding back DevOps: culture, delivery and security

The idea of continuously delivered, quality software vetted through a collaborative and highly automated series of steps from inception to deployment is an enticing one, hence the appeal of DevOps. However, while just about everyone says they are pursuing DevOps, the reality on the ground has been mixed at best. 

The Promise of AI for DevOps in 2021

DevOps is a natural target for AI-driven efficiencies, as it involves frequently repeated processes that generate mountains of data. It seems reasonable to expect that, like other domains that require decisions to be made based on large volumes of data, AI will play an important role in DevOps, too.

Engineering Practices Can Overcome DevOps Challenges

When I think about the challenges of DevOps transformations, I love the viewpoint expressed by Ryan Harmon, strategic accounts manager at Trace3: “DevOps is a complex maze that has many leaders frustrated.

DevSecOps May Be Key to Prevent Data Leaks

Data leakage has become something of a norm in the digital realm, despite the fact that cybersecurity budgets are growing and more engineers are assigned to these very issues. 

6 Signs You’re Doing DevOps Correctly

A lot of organizations claim to be DevOps-focused because they use specific tools and loosely follow certain practices. But to really be a DevOps-centric organization, there are specific DevOps principles and processes that ensure your organization is as optimized and automated as possible. 

Operations Model: DevOps, NoOps, AIOps or None of the Above Ops?

Within an organization, an operations model must be fit-for-purpose and be able to adapt as business needs change. 

A Pragmatic Approach to DevSecOps

In response to market and competitive forces, many companies are using DevSecOps to develop higher quality and more secure software. Whether that software is their own product or is a component of their product, quality – and especially security – have become required rather than optional. To accommodate the security requirements, some companies have adopted DecSecOps overlays to their software development process that can, and has, caused significant disruption.

4 Ways to Scale DevOps in 2021

January is a month often dedicated to planning, setting intentions and preparing ourselves professionally and personally for a fresh year. In my own capacity as a DevOps and SRE leader, many of the clients I work with will reinvigorate internal efforts to streamline how they work in Q1.

How Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Solutions Benefit DevOps

Managed Detection and Response (MDR), a relative newcomer in the cybersecurity realm, is starting to have a noticeable impact on enterprises seeking to better secure their operations. 

Winning DevOps in the Finance Industry

Higher customer engagement and continuous transactions make the finance industry one of the busiest and naturally requires uninterrupted infrastructure. DevOps implementation helps companies develop fast, fail fast and learn fast so they can fulfill customer expectations and deliver features faster to market than their competitors. 

DevSecOps Implementation: Static Analysis

One of the things I’ve done for Accelerated Strategies Group recently is looking into DevSecOps toolsets. This is a fun area for me, as development and security fit together well in my mind. Having a separate security group is useful, even necessary in some scenarios, 


DevOps is one of those things—like Marxism or baking macarons—that is easy to understand in theory, but much messier to implement in practice. Real-world DevOps rarely aligns with textbook DevOps or the DevOps practices that organizations should follow in theory.


The Linux Foundation and edX, a provider of an online learning platform, jointly released an annual report today that for the first time finds organizations are looking for more IT personnel with open source DevOps skills (65%) than developers (59%).

How to Successfully Integrate Security and DevOps

As digitalization transforms industries and business models, organizations increasingly are adopting modern software engineering practices such as DevOps and agile to become competitive in the modern marketplace. 

Lean API Product Development

We derived the Lean API Product Development method from the innovative Lean Startup methodology, which became increasingly popular. The Lean Startup methodology is a revolutionary method that’s transforming how companies build new and innovative products or services. Its core principle is the so-called “build-measure-learn” cycle. It is a scientifically proven approach for creating new products or services under conditions of uncertainty.

What is Digital Transformation, Digitalization, and Digitization

Who is also confused by the terms digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation? Hands up! Well, at least I was. That’s for sure because people use those terms as synonyms or mixing them.

Driving Digital Transformation With DevOps Initiatives

True DevOps is achieved with a sharing of knowledge that allows developers to take responsibility for and manage their code throughout the lifecycle.

Digital Transformation, DevOps, and the Future of Testing

Just as smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate, digital transformation initiatives like Agile and DevOps have forever changed the way that software is developed and delivered. Development teams have already made previously-unimaginable leaps forward—yet we are still in our infancy when it comes to achieving the expected speed and process automation.

Leveraging DevOps Services: Development, Testing, and Delivery

Enterprise IT organizations need to continuously roll out innovative new features into their platform-as-a-service offering with just the right features to achieve faster time to market with no defects and low cost. 

The Importance of DevOps in the Workplace

Definition of the DevOps model, its culture along with the primary principles and working methods of automating workplace.

Intelligent DevOps for New Age Digital Systems

In a previous blog, I have written about how Quality Assurance is getting transformed to Quality Intelligence using the power of big data analytics and autonomics.

DevOps Chat: Digital Transformation with Exadel’s Jonathan Fries

In this DevOps Chat, Jonathan Fries, VP of Engineering and Digital Transformation at Exadel, tells us about the new Innovation Lab by Exadel—a place for organizations to accelerate their transformation. We also talk about the state of IT in general from his perch at Exadel, a company with 20 years of empowering IT.

Why the DevOps Trinity is Key for Digital Transformation

As digital technology continues to disrupt and transform businesses across industries and around the world, the ability to deliver high-quality software rapidly will make the difference between survival and extinction for many companies. 

DevOps Enterprise Coach ™(DEC)

DevOps Enterprise Coach is a high-level certification developed by DAOPS Foundation and administered by DevOps Institute for people who are practicing DevOps in their enterprise. This certification covers all the capacities you need in introducing and practicing DevOps at an enterprise level including:….

How to Use Microservices To Evolve DevOps Pipelines

Enterprises are quickly becoming an intricate mesh of many applications. As companies create more and more microservices, their deployment environments are becoming increasingly elaborate. 

DevOps in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is one of the hottest buzzwords in the technology industry today. While it tends to be overused, the term does represent a widespread, ongoing movement that will set a standard for the next generation of enterprises.

ShiftLeft Brings Security Workflows to DevOps Processes

ShiftLeft has updated its NextGen Static Analysis (NG SAST) tool to include workflows that are purpose-built for developers.